About TAF

From after-school programs to public school districts.

About Us

TAF is a nonprofit leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. We use STEM as a tool for realizing social change and educational equality in communities of color and those with low income. Our targeted approach leverages in-school and out-of-school learning to address longstanding historical inequities for students of color, yet cultivates leadership and citizenship in ALL students toward equity.


Our Mission

TAF aims to equip students of color for success in college and in life through the power of an interdisciplinary STEM education and supportive relationships.

Our History

TAF has successfully offered technology-based programs for Greater Seattle’s students of color since 1996. Co-founders Trish Millines Dziko and Jill Hull Dziko shared a desire to create more opportunities for students of color to engage with STEM disciplines and to prepare them for college-level study and professional roles in those fields. With overwhelming community support for their idea, they started the Technology Access Foundation (TAF).

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  • Commitment to Students
  • Support for Authentic, Lasting Education Reform Work with Impact
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning
  • Strategic and Collaborative Leadership and Partnerships
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Sound Business Ethics

Strategic Goals

  • Graduate students from high school with advanced preparation for STEM majors and careers
  • Build the capacity of teachers and educators to improve STEM education
  • Build public-private partnerships to increase underserved communities’ access and awareness to STEM education and related industries

Our Core Programs

In an effort to address equity in education for students of color, TAF approaches this problem in a variety of ways because we understand that it takes the work of many to affect change and that change will be a result stemming from various levels of impact.

We started out by simply teaching students how to code and the basics of working a computer. Today, we offer professional development training, teacher education, public school system curriculum infrastructure transformations, corporate partnerships and more.

It is through the combination of these approaches, that we are able to better serve our students and prepare them for success and for a self-driven and gratifying future.

Explore Our Impact

TAF Academy
TAF Academy is an innovative 6th-12th grade STEM-focused neighborhood school created in partnership with the Federal Way Public School district that prepares students for colleges and careers through a project-based curriculum. 

Teacher Institute
The STEMbyTAF Teacher Institute provides professional development and training for teachers and schools that want to integrate STEM into their instruction.

School Transformation
STEMbyTAF School Transformation involves scaling our best practices in leadership, teaching and learning used at TAF Academy to partner with existing public school districts.

Martinez Fellowship
The Martinez Fellowship is a program with a mission to improve teacher diversity in Washington State public schools.

Our Leadership

Leadership within education reform is vital to the success of innovative programs and improving trajectories for disadvantaged students and educators committed to making a difference. We take our leadership at TAF so serious and scout out the best to take the charge.

Our Team

TAF selects the most qualified individuals who share the same passion and commitment that TAF was built upon. Our organization, comprised of Executive, Education, Operations, and Development teams work in tandem with one another to ensure we provide the best programs possible to impact student learning and excellence.

Our Board

In addition to our primary staff members, TAF enlists various figures within the community that represent corporations and neighborhoods to serve on our Board of Directors. Not only does our board members provide helpful insight as we strategically plan for the future, they are also invested in the success of TAF and committed to assisting us with our goals.

Get Involved

TAF is doing something never done before. We’re in uncharted waters, building key relationships with individuals and organizations that believe in the same things that we do.

We’re working hard to build the capacity of each student to position themselves and create the world they envision – personally, communally, nationally, and globally.

That’s why it’s so important that we expose young minds to STEM opportunities now, and connect them with leaders in the industries that they will one day become a part of. Our supporters, donors, and corporate partners are directly assisting us in transforming public education in Washington State and beyond for ALL students.


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