STEM Teachers for Equity

On January 25, 2011, President Barack Obama highlighted the STEM teacher shortage as a national priority during his State of the Union address. As a result, corporations, foundations, schools, [...]

Our Programmatic Model

All best practices from TAF Academy are replicated through our work  transforming public schools into STEM schools using the STEMbyTAF School Transformation model and our STEMbyTAF Teacher [...]


Connected Learning

Authentic student learning must extend beyond the classroom and campus. Since its’ inception in 1996, TAF has been a stalwart partner of community, industry, and higher education as a means [...]


Common Core and PBL (pt. 2)

The question: Must the Common Core State Standards create upheaval amongst math and ELA teachers who want to define it as “one more thing”—another fad that will lead to chaos? […]


Common Core and PBL

As this new blog finds its way through the worlds of STEM education, issues of STEM equity (STEM justice), project-based learning, and school reform, it’s time for a few words […]


Human Centered Design

Human-centered design is such an important aspect of the design process that it has earned its own acronym: HCD. When engineers look through the HCD lens, they acknowledge the primacy […]


Imagine. Design. Fabricate.

“We are muddy boots on the ground, slogging through it every day working to make a difference.” These are the words of a visionary—a man with the mission to spread […]