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Support TAF to help make public education a place where everyone wins.

Students and teachers need our support, now more than ever.

TAF partners with existing public schools and supports educators of color to create equitable classrooms throughout Washington State. Our work is grounded in equity, ensuring all students and particularly students furthest from educational justice, receive the support they need to achieve academic success.

We work with educators, too. Through our fellowship, we recruit and retain teachers of color in Washington’s schools, so students can see themselves in their classroom and school leaders, while our educators of color can affect change at the school and district levels. We’re tackling inequity from all levels, impacting students, teachers, school districts, and even the industries that will eventually hire our talented graduates.

During GiveBIG on May 5th and 6th, we ask that you invest in TAF. When classroom learning resumes, we need to be able to provide students with an education that will empower them to become leaders. We need to ensure every student has the opportunity to explore, discover, and excel.

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We can change public education, together.

Over the next year, we plan to add three more schools to our STEMbyTAF portfolio, induct an additional 40 teachers of color into our Martinez Fellowship, and create more enriching career-connected STEM learning opportunities to our current students.


With your donation, we can ensure students can get the educational resources and support they need to be successful.



Provides one educational software license at one of TAF’s partner schools.



Adds to the TAF Innovation Fund for students to develop their projects.



Covers a year of STEMbyTAF education for one student at their public school.



Covers engineering and maker space lab equipment like 3D printers.



Covers a year of professional development for a teacher of color.



Covers a year of field trip transportation costs for one class.

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$100, or more: Amazon Gift Card, Sticker

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Join me and #GiveBIG to @stembytaf, March 5-6, to provide equitable public education to students and teachers across Washington State.


While outside the classroom, send support to students to stay on track towards success. Will you #GiveBig this year for students and teachers across the state?

Email Template

Dear Friends,

One of the byproducts of the COVID-19 global pandemic has been increased awareness of the inequities in public education, particularly for students of color and students who reside in low-income neighborhoods. It is more important, now than ever, that we begin to look at how we can start providing a public education where all students can be successful.

A lot of work needs to happen to get there, but TAF has already been working toward this for over twenty years. Their programs connect students with industry professionals, provide tech resources and skills, create equitable classrooms through teacher development and recruitment of diverse classroom leaders, and more.

This year on #GiveBIG, May 5-6th, I’m supporting TAF because I know how critical it will be for students to return to classrooms that will help them achieve success and overcome socio-economic obstacles. I’m supporting TAF because they are addressing systemic inequalities in the education system by adding teachers of color to classrooms to promote equitable learning environments and empowering students to lead and change the world.

Please join me by making a donation today at

In health,

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Our programs


Our 6-12th grade STEM school is the first and only public school in Washington State co-managed by a non-profit.

School Transformation

We partner with public schools to create academic environments that eliminate race-based disparity.

Martinez Fellowship

We recruit and retain teachers of color to classrooms to improve teacher diversity in Washington State.

Here’s what our community says

You only have to give kids one opportunity, and they will make the most of it.

A lot of kids don’t have those opportunities. One thing I learned from TAF was when you have that chance, take it, go for it, give it your 100 percent.

– Cameron Sharpe, TAF alumni

Since TAF has come here, we have so many people coming in from the community. Just last year, we had some amazing people come to our school.

Things I’ve never done are happening at Boze because TAF is here.

– Julie Dickmann, Teacher at Boze Elementary

As a teacher of color, it can get hard sometimes, and sometimes we just need another teacher of color to say. “Hey, we can do this, it’s worth it, and we’re going to survive.” TAF provides a network of educators that get it, and I can lean on for support.

– Ji Hea Shin, Martinez Fellow