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Fund Student Futures in Game Design

Better education starts with letting our students lead their learning. That’s why TAF’s Teacher Scientist Program (TSP) creates innovative partnerships and projects with industry leaders, exposing our students to many different fields and careers.

This school year, as a part of TAF’s Teacher Scientist Partnership, students at TAF@Saghalie participated in the first year of a new Game Development and Design Class. Media creation and game design is a field that encourages student creativity and fosters their problem solving skills. Designing story and user experience while also applying the practical hard sciences and industry skills of designing code, problem solving, and working in a team. The Game Development and Design Class is a prime example of students leading their learning through real-world application, building their confidence and skills to develop their games from concept to launch.

Students present their game concepts.

The first few sessions of the 10-week class introduced the hardware, software, and basics of game design. In the following weeks, students explored the game engine Unity. Students worked with pre-built code, and built their own code as they were comfortable. For more than half of these students it was their first experience with a coding language. While not every group finished with a fully formed game, there was a deep abundance of storytelling and thought put into concept.

For this first round of Game Development, 21 students were accepted to participate, ranging from grades 10-12. Of these students, 85% said that they would like to participate in a future class designed around game, app, or web development.

To help launch this initial year of game design, our community was able to fund 17 high performance laptops. To give our students the opportunity to create the games they wanted, getting computers that were able to perform these higher level functions were key.

This opportunity was made possible thanks to donors like you. We need your help to keep classes like this going!


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GiveBIG for student futures

Next year we hope to add 14 laptops to expose more students to careers they’ll love. Donations raised through GiveBIG this year will also fund the following for our next Game Development class:



Supplies laptop accessories, like mice.



Purchases game design assets students can utilize in the development engine.



Provides one software license for student access to a game development engine.



Covers a year of STEMbyTAF education for one student at their public school.



Covers lab equipment like 3D printers for physical game production pieces.



Funds a new student laptop capable of game design functionality.

We have something for you, too!

With your support of students and educators of color, you earn a chance to receive a gift too! Each qualifying GiveBIG donation will enter you into a drawing for two tickets to the Seattle Mariner’s Game June 18th!

Here’s how it works:

Each $50 donation counts as one entry towards a prize and directly funds our mission towards equity in the public education system. For example, a $100 donation counts as 2 entries for the prize and also allows us to buy materials for one student to create and present a STEM project through our project-based learning model!

At the end of GiveBIG, we will select a winner from the entry pool via computer-generated random selection. Winners will be notified via email by 5 PM on Thursday, May 12th, 2022.

Our programs

For nearly 25 years, TAF has paved the way in education by creating STEM learning opportunities for students of color. Shifting focus to impact public education on a larger scale, TAF now works actively with public school districts such as Federal Way Public Schools, Tacoma Public Schools, Seattle Public Schools, and Highline Public Schools to transform classrooms into equitable and innovative learning environments. At the educator level, TAF recruits and works to retain teachers of color in classrooms while providing critical support and training, ensuring long-standing inequities within the public school system are addressed at every level. The impact of TAF is inspiring systemic change throughout Washington State’s school system.

TAF Academies

Our Academies, TAF@Saghalie and Washington Middle School, are the only schools in Washington State co-managed by a nonprofit and school district.

School Transformation

We partner with public schools to create academic environments that eliminate race-based disparity.

Network for EdWork

We recruit and retain teachers of color to classrooms and support leadership development to improve teacher and school leader diversity in Washington State.

Here’s what our community says

You only have to give kids one opportunity, and they will make the most of it.

A lot of kids don’t have those opportunities. One thing I learned from TAF was when you have that chance, take it, go for it, give it your 100 percent.

– Cameron Sharpe, TAF alumni

Since TAF has come here, we have so many people coming in from the community. Just last year, we had some amazing people come to our school.

Things I’ve never done are happening at Boze because TAF is here.

– Julie Dickmann, Teacher at Boze Elementary

As a teacher of color, it can get hard sometimes, and sometimes we just need another teacher of color to say. “Hey, we can do this, it’s worth it, and we’re going to survive.” TAF provides a network of educators that get it, and I can lean on for support.

– Ji Hea Shin, Martinez Fellow