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Empower future innovators, creators, and leaders of color to stand out.

$30 a month supports equitable STEM education for one student
$60 a month supports two students
$100 a month supports three students and one educator of color
$150 a month supports five students

A gift exchange. All new monthly donors will receive a custom welcome t-shirt designed by Seattle-based visual artist Damon Brown of Creative Lou!

People of color standout in spaces beyond their appearance.

At TAF, we embrace standing out from the rest. We empower underrepresented students and teachers to stand up, and stand out in the world, allowing their brilliance and differences to shine and lead.

Be a part of the movement to transform public education for students and teachers of color, from kindergarten to college and beyond by pledging to support a student every month to stand out.

TAF partners with local schools, corporations, and community to equip underrepresented students and teachers with free public STEM education, professional development, and leadership skills. Our nonprofit supports future innovators and educators to stand out, in their schools, careers, and beyond.


See how TAF students, graduates, and educators stand out:

I will not be used as a token or to fill a mandated quota.

I will not be poached for diversity, for you to place a check mark in your box.

My abilities alone justify my presence.

I Stand Out, not because of my color, but because of the value I add, my perspective, because I am me.

– Anonymous

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