How to Use the Toolkit

We designed this promotional toolkit to make inviting guests to the TAF Varsity Luncheon a breeze. Whether you plan to share our event on social media or send individual emails to your network, we’ve got you covered. You can either copy and paste our templates, or create your own personalized messages for an added touch – it’s totally up to you!

View our toolkit online below, or download a PDF version.

Email Invitation Template

Use this template or a modified version of it to invite individuals to the luncheon.

Dear [Insert Guest Name],

I’m incredibly excited to invite you to be a guest at my table during TAF’s Annual Varsity Luncheon – an event that allows us all to take a stand in support of equitable public education for each and every student in Washington State.

The Technology Access Foundation (TAF) has been a pillar in the community for over 22 years – bridging the gap of inequity for students of color by providing rigorous STEM education, technical skills and industry experiences. They believe that all students should be able to create the world they envision – locally, communally, nationally, and globally – and I do, too.

TAF’s Varsity Luncheon is a showcase of student excellence, a testimony to all that is possible when students are provided with equal opportunity and supportive systems that allow them to flourish. This is a fundraising event that promotes college readiness, life skills, and ultimately ensures that programs that are vital to student development and preparedness, continue to thrive. Varsity Luncheon is free to attend, however, guests are encouraged to make a gift that is meaningful to them –  with the suggested minimum donation being $150.

Will you join #TeamTAF by attending the luncheon with me?

Register now at techaccess.org/luncheon and select the ticket with my name to sit at my table.

I can’t wait to see you there!



[Insert Name]

Social Sharing

Share any of the following pre-crafted social media messages with your followers. Feel free to tag TAF using the appropriate social media handles.

Option #1

Mark your calendar for TAF’s 2019 Varsity Luncheon on Wed., March 6th, 2019 to celebrate and support equitable STEM public education for underserved students in Washington State. Register to be my table-mate here: https://www.techaccess.org/luncheon #taflunch


Option #2

Join me at the #taflunch on Wed., March 6th, 2019 to learn how TAF is creating the first STEM public school region in WA State. Sit at my table by registering at https://www.techaccess.org/luncheon #taflunch


Option #3

TAF’s growth and impact is far-reaching. Join me at the #taflunch on Wednesday, March 6th to see how they’re preparing over 19,000 students for the future through equitable public STEM education. Register to sit at my table here: https://www.techaccess.org/luncheon #taflunch

Shareable Digital Assets

We’ve included a digital asset to help you share our event with friends, family, colleagues and other folks you believe are interested in our work here at TAF.


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