TAF Varsity LunchBREAK: Journey to Justice


Promote the TAF Varsity LunchBREAK in two easy ways!

We designed this promotional toolkit to make inviting your friends and colleagues to watch the TAF Varsity LunchBREAK a breeze. Whether you plan to share our event on social media or send individual emails to your network, we’ve got you covered. Copy and paste our templates or modify them with a special touch — it’s totally up to you!

Our virtual TAF Varsity LunchBREAK will stream on YouTube on Tuesday, April 7th at 12 PM. Sign up for text alerts now.

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official event hashtag: #taflunch

Messages for Sharing

Social Sharing – Messages

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Option #1:
Mark your calendar for the first virtual #taflunch, TAF Varsity LunchBREAK on Tues., April 7th at 12 pm. Join hundreds of others as we celebrate TAF student excellence and educational justice. Learn more: https://www.techaccess.org/luncheon

Option #2:
Join the journey. Watch the virtual #taflunch, TAF Varsity LunchBREAK on Tues., April 7th, 2020 at 12 PM to experience student excellence without socioeconomic barriers to success. Join the watch party: https://www.techaccess.org/luncheon

Option #3:
The work is not finished! Join the Journey to Justice by tuning in to the TAF Varsity LunchBREAK  on Tues. April 7th at 12 PM. Celebrate commitment to educational justice and how it is manifested through TAF’s programs. Sign-up to watch: https://mailchi.mp/techaccess/taflunch2020

Email Template

Use this email template or a modified version of it and the email header graphic to invite individuals to watch the LunchBREAK.

Dear [Insert Guest Name],

TAF will be streaming their first-ever virtual luncheon, the TAF Varsity LunchBREAK on April 7th, 2020 at 12 PM. At a time of such great uncertainty, it will allow us to celebrate student brilliance and express our advocacy in support of equitable public education in Washington State.

Technology Access Foundation (TAF) has led the challenge of bridging the gap of educational justice for K-12 students in underrepresented communities for more than twenty-three years. The work and resulting outcomes take time, but they have stayed the course. TAF ensures student success by offering a rigorous interdisciplinary STEM education supplemented with technical skills and industry experiences in addition to training educators in building safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environments. 

I have witnessed their Journey to Justice and believe you would be amazed by the stories of their students and teachers, too. TAF students are incredible innovators and leaders who are empowered to showcase their brilliance because they’re no longer limited by socioeconomic barriers. The Varsity LunchBREAK will be TAF’s largest fundraising effort of the year to ensure the programs vital to student development and preparedness continue to thrive. I ask that you help them reach their goal by donating. Just $30 a month will cover one year of STEMbyTAF education for one student! 

Will you join the watch party with me?

Add this inspiring lunch break to your calendar and sign up to receive text alerts. 

I can’t wait for you to see why I whole-heartedly support this organization!



[Insert Name]

Email Header Graphic

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Email Header

Have questions? Reach out to luncheon@techaccess.org.