Varsity Luncheon 2019: Growth and Impact Recap

Varsity Luncheon 2019: Growth and Impact

March 7th, 2019
Seattle, WA –  It’s incredible what people can accomplish when they come together as we did yesterday. Over 500 people came together for a transformative lunch to discover not only the change TAF has been making for over 20 years in STEM education to underserved student populations; but also the support TAF has given educators of color across Washington State. Attendees joined our staff, students, and teachers from TAF, TAF@Saghalie, and Boze Elementary School to explore student projects, teacher journies, and even experience being inside an engineering classroom through virtual reality. There were incredible student projects: including a mechanical arm driven by hydraulics and a project proposing the use of thermosense in airports across the country.

Watch Moments from TAF’s Varsity Luncheon 2019

Our keynote speaker Latasha Gillespie (left) gave our students a compelling speech on being innovators in their careers and empowered the audience to be a part of the change in STEM education. We also listened to Martinez Fellow, Monico De Leon (right), give an enthralling speech about teachers of color at the forefront of the classroom, and the impact of the Martinez Fellowship in his life and career.

Throughout the event, attendees contributed to our growth and impact activity,

“Has Your Past Impacted Your Present?” to consider how access to opportunities influenced their careers, putting into perspective the aspects of life TAF works to change for students and communities of color.

We also sold the TAF Book, “This is The Work”, and raffled off two first-class round trip airline tickets from Alaska Airlines to one lucky winner!

All of us at TAF would like to thank all of the attendees and sponsors that helped make this event and our work possible for the past 22 years and into the next 22 years.

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