The Challenge: Talent Shortage

In 2018, Washington State is ranked #3 in STEM growth and innovation, with an estimated 25,000 unfilled STEM-related jobs and opportunities our youth can and should prepare for.

The current shortage of skilled workers requires companies to begin sourcing employees from other states and countries instead of utilizing the promising, bright and diverse pool of individuals here at home in Washington State.

The Solution: A Sustainable Pipeline

Exposing students to real-world STEM applications properly throughout their education journey allows students to build skills for a lifetime to become the innovators, entrepreneurs, and talent of tomorrow.

With a high school graduation rate of 95% and a college acceptance rate of 100%, TAF has proven that students of color can excel when they have access to the funds, technology, professional mentorship, and support.

“You get experience ahead of time and that gives you a step up on people that think they know it all, but they’re really just guessing.”

-Johnny, TAF@Saghalie

About UnTapped

TAF’s UnTapped series and initiative explores impactful ways your company can develop a diverse talent pipeline in Washington State by engaging with local, underserved K-12 talent. UnTapped offers a holistic approach to talent development, by providing career-connected experiences and industry interactions to traditionally disadvantaged students, thus opening a world of career-paths they’ve not yet imagined.

We have come to understand that there are thousands of bright minds that are not even being considered as capable of participating in our booming STEM industries. UnTapped will demonstrate how creating a full, diverse talent pipeline will fuel the innovators, entrepreneurs, and careers of tomorrow.

Whether you tap into the potential of students at the elementary level or soon-to-be graduating seniors, the untapped talent is there. Through partnerships with companies and organizations, students will gain the experience needed to boldly pursue careers and become leaders within the industry.

Get Involved

Ready to have a hand in improving the career outlook for thousands of local, underserved students?

Here are ways your company can be on the front-line of not only solving the local STEM talent drought, but also make an impact by possibly changing the trajectory of bright, capable students.


There are a variety of volunteer opportunities from the classroom, to career, to events. Work closely with students in classrooms, prep students for their career path as a career guru, provide research, assist with events – there’s always something to do!
Discover your perfect fit.


The TAF Alliance Partner Program connects companies large and small to K-12 STEM education involvement. Together, we implement new strategies to provide real-world experiences to build a diverse pipeline of knowledgeable industry leaders for tomorrow.


Your donation will directly impact the education of 4,100 K-12th grade students, the school transformation of an additional 800 students, and to the addition of over 2,400 teachers of color to Washington State’s public schools.