Meet our team.

Our team is diverse, yet shares the same common goal — to transform public education. So, whether we’re working with students, educators, school districts, or organizations, we use our unique identities and backgrounds to shake things up and make education a place where everyone wins.

  • Trish Millines Dziko
    Trish Millines Dziko Co-founder, Executive Director
  • Sherry Williams
    Sherry Williams Executive Director of Operations
  • Heather Lechner
    Heather Lechner Executive Director of Education
  • Heather Lechner
    Heather Lechner Executive Director of Education
  • Amanda Kopchynski
    Amanda Kopchynski Director of School Transformation
  • Arthur Ross
    Arthur Ross Director of Technology
  • Krishna Richardon-Daniels
    Krishna Richardon-Daniels Director of TAF@Washington Middle School
  • Tonya McCabe
    Tonya McCabe Director of TAF@Saghalie
  • Christina Taylor
    Christina Taylor Director, Network for EdWork
  • Troy Hilton
    Troy Hilton Data Manager
  • Darrot Bun
    Darrot Bun IT Support Manager
  • Saara Kamal
    Saara Kamal Program Manager, Martinez Fellowship
  • David Goldenkranz
    David Goldenkranz Ally Engagement Program Manager
  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen Network for EdWork Coordinator
  • Sarah Wilkes
    Sarah Wilkes Program Manager, College Readiness
  • Monique Hokett
    Monique Hokett Program Manager, Career Readiness
  • Denise McLean
    Denise McLean Program Manager, Curriculum Development and Integration
  • Michelle Oliver
    Michelle Oliver Program Manager, Teacher Scientist Partnership
  • Stephanie Williams
    Stephanie Williams Extended Learning Coordinator
  • Jessie Adala
    Jessie Adala College and Career Readiness Coordinator
  • Vanessa Nelson
    Vanessa Nelson Program Support Specialist
  • Nina Sotomayor
    Nina Sotomayor Distinguished Transformation Coach
  • Pete Schoen
    Pete Schoen STEMbyTAF Transformation Coach
  • Maribel Gonzalez
    Maribel Gonzalez STEM Integration Transformation Coach
  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson STEM Integration Transformation Coach
  • Chris Newbold
    Chris Newbold Sr. Student Support Specialist
  • Jeah Sam
    Jeah Sam Extended Learning Coordinator
  • Hanh Do
    Hanh Do Student Support Specialist
  • Dhyuti Dedhi
    Dhyuti Dedhi Student Support Specialist
  • Justin Alonzo-Fuller
    Justin Alonzo-Fuller Student Support Specialist
  • Davie’on Lauzon
    Davie’on Lauzon Student Support Specialist
  • Tyrone Cunningham
    Tyrone Cunningham Development Officer, Corporate Relations
  • Freddy Abramson
    Freddy Abramson Development Officer, Major Gifts
  • Adelaide Leroy
    Adelaide Leroy Individual Gifts Officer
  • Erin George
    Erin George Grant Writer
  • Ezra Manjarrez
    Ezra Manjarrez Creative Content Specialist
  • Trudy Rubick Gritsch
    Trudy Rubick Gritsch Communications Coordinator
  • Sherry Williams
    Sherry Williams Executive Director of Operations
  • Katherine Machel
    Katherine Machel Director of Finance
  • Arthur Ross
    Arthur Ross Director of Technology
  • Patricia Woods
    Patricia Woods Chief of Staff
  • Geneva Sharpe
    Geneva Sharpe Operations Manager
  • Aliye Menziez
    Aliye Menziez Human Resources Generalist
  • Sarai Vasquez
    Sarai Vasquez Operations Coordinator
  • Hannah Tittel
    Hannah Tittel Accounting Intern

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