Education Team

  • Troy Hilton
    Troy Hilton Program Manager - Education Technologies

    Troy is responsible for planning and implementation of technology for the network of TAF Academies. Building a strong and agile technology infrastructure, and creating training so our students and teachers can leverage technology to be high level lifelong learners.

  • Shaunté Nance-Johnson
    Shaunté Nance-Johnson Program Manager, Career Readiness

    Shaunté is responsible for creating and managing career readiness programs for our students, and interfacing with industry professionals.

  • Sarah Wilkes
    Sarah Wilkes Program Manager - College Readiness

    Sarah is responsible for creating and managing college readiness programs for our students, and interfacing with professionals at colleges and universities.

  • Nila Griffin
    Nila Griffin Program Coordinator, Student Support and Enrichment

    Nila plans and coordinates the work of TAF@Saghalie Content Specialists and after school enrichment programs.

  • Heather Lechner
    Heather Lechner Executive Director of Education

    Heather is responsible for leading all of TAF’s programmatic efforts including TAF@Saghalie, STEMbyTAF School Transformation, STEMbyTAF Teacher Institute, and the Martinez Fellowship.

  • Emily Nitz-Ritter
    Emily Nitz-Ritter Data and Student Information Analyst

    Emily is responsible for gathering, analyzing and reporting on data from TAF Academy, our partner schools and our teacher recruitment and professional development programs.

  • Darrot Bun
    Darrot Bun Technical Support Specialist

    Darrot is responsible for providing technical support for all the staff and students at TAF Academy.

  • Cassandra Rodriguez
    Cassandra Rodriguez Program Manager, Martinez Fellowship

    Cassandra is responsible for the development and management of the Martinez Fellowship program.

  • Angelica Sauceda-Clark
    Angelica Sauceda-Clark Program Manager, STEM Integration

    Angelica is responsible for managing the National Science Foundation grant awarded to TAF to develop tools that promote computational thinking in project based learning.

  • Amanda Kopchynski
    Amanda Kopchynski Senior Program Manager, TAF@Saghalie

    Amanda is responsible for managing all the TAF commitments at the TAF@Saghalie school.

Fundraising Team

  • Tyrone Cunningham
    Tyrone Cunningham Development Officer, Corporate Relations

    Tyrone is responsible for the cultivation and stewardship of our corporate partners.

  • Kylin Oliphant
    Kylin Oliphant Communications Manager

    Kylin is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies for TAF programs and the overall organization through various channels including newsletters, blog posts, emails, social media platforms and direct mail. She also creates collateral for multiple departments and is in charge of maintaining and updating website content.

  • Emma Hart
    Emma Hart Communications Associate

    Emma is responsible for TAF’s social media presence.

  • Ebony Arunga
    Ebony Arunga Event Manager

    Ebony is responsible for planning and coordinating TAF’s fundraising and program events.

Operations Team

  • Geneva Sharpe
    Geneva Sharpe Administrative Services Coordinator

    Geneva is in charge of a variety of administrative tasks, including managing the front desk and the facilities management schedule.

  • Sherry Williams
    Sherry Williams Deputy Director

    Sherry is responsible for TAF’s overall operations, human resources, and managing our headquarters — Bethaday Community Learning Space.

  • Trish Millines Dziko
    Trish Millines Dziko Co-founder, Executive Director

    Trish is responsible for leading the strategic direction of TAF, creating partnerships with various industry leaders, and managing TAF’s amazing team of directors.

  • Katherine Machel
    Katherine Machel Accountant Specialist

    Katherine is responsible for preparing and analyzing TAF’s accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports in conformance to reporting and generally accepted standards.

  • Kelly Wakefield
    Kelly Wakefield Operations Coordinator

    Kelly is responsible for managing the front desk, maintaining the BCLS reservation system, and providing superb customer service to tenants and guests among other tasks.

  • Selina Lopez-Nuñez
    Selina Lopez-Nuñez Executive Assistant

    Selina provides administrative, communication and project support to the Executive Director and the Executive Team.

Work At TAF

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