Your Time Matters.

It is said, the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. When you volunteer with TAF, you have the ability to make real connections to our students and teachers. With your help, we can get that much closer to educational equity, by providing the support needed to connect students with industry experiences and STEM skills. So, whether you’re looking for one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities, know that your invested time is making Washington’s education a place where everyone wins.

Find Your Fit.

Flexible, one-time, and ongoing volunteer opportunities, for you.

One-Time Opportunities

Virtual Guest Speaker

Location: TAF@Washington – Seattle, WA, and TAF@Saghalie – Federal Way, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: Flexible

Are you willing to share your knowledge and career experience with students? Do you have an interesting story about the lessons you’ve learned while building your career and want to share helpful tips with the younger generation? Through guest speakers, students can learn valuable information about careers that will help shape their futures. You can be the person that inspires them!

Virtual Field Trip Host

Location: TAF@Washington – Seattle, WA, and TAF@Saghalie – Federal Way, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: Flexible

Help us bring exciting opportunities to our students by bringing field trips and corporate site visits to them! One of the ways we like to inspire our students and tie the real world into their learning is by exposing them to new environments and immersing students in corporate culture. Our hope is that they are able to understand the breadth of opportunities available to them and be knowledgeable about what it takes to achieve their dreams. If you or your company is interested in hosting a site visit, we encourage you to apply.

College Tour Connections

Location: TAF@Saghalie – Federal Way, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: N/A

Do you have connections to a college or university that would allow TAF students to tour campuses in a unique and exciting way? If so, we need you! We’re always looking for opportunities to expose our students to higher education in a way that would allow them to picture themselves being part of the student community.

If you would like to offer your connections to TAF students, please email volunteer@techaccess.org.

Technician Support

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA
Time: Flexible

We are looking for individuals that can provide PC support with troubleshooting and programming.

Administrative/Mail Support

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA
Time Commitment: Flexible

Administrative volunteer workers provide support to TAF with general office management, clerical work, filing, mailing, or a variety of other tasks.

Event Support

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA
Time Commitment: Flexible

Event volunteers assist on the event day for set-up, guest assistance, and registration or clean up. Volunteers may also choose to be involved in event planning.

Special Projects

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA
Time Commitment: Flexible

TAF needs all your help! Propose an idea or project. Volunteers organize, lead, and help execute company projects that may fall outside the scope of regular duties. The specific responsibilities and purpose of projects may vary.

United Way Days of Caring

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA
Time Commitment: Flexible

This opportunity is great for organizations! You can be part of this great event by registering for a project (or projects) during one of the official Days of Caring.

Ongoing Opportunities

Makerspace Assistant

Location: TAF@Washington – Seattle, WA
Time Commitment: Flexible

TAF@Washington’s Makerspace is looking for an energetic professional who would like to help with 3D printing, microcontrollers, sewing, and painting. 

Project SPARC

Location: TAF@Washington (Virtual Opportunity) – Seattle, WA
Time Commitment: Flexible

Help us transform learning by working with and building authentic relationships with TAF@Washington Middle School students, teachers, and families. We are seeking volunteers to offer a multitude of pathways for our students to learn from and alongside contemporary, innovative leaders in the fields of technology, healthcare, community, social services, business, visual and performing arts, and communications. Through a comprehensive, living teaching tool, students will learn about the leader, what they do, how they solve problems, and then imagine themselves in their role through interactive dialogue. With the help of their teacher, students will identify who they would like to work with as they complete thematic units and/or project cycles that culminate in an authentic community reveal.

Student/Project Mentoring

Location: TAF@Washington – Seattle, WA, and TAF@Saghalie – Federal Way, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: Flexible

During the school year, we have multiple opportunities for volunteers to mentor students through college and career decisions and projects including Senior Projects, the annual STEM Expo, and quarterly exhibitions. At the elementary level, students also participate in quarterly exhibitions and could benefit from volunteers helping by providing project direction and support.

Program/Workshop Partner

Location: TAF@Washington – Seattle, WA, and TAF@Saghalie – Federal Way, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: Flexible

Are you interested in developing a program or workshop in partnership with TAF to provide students with opportunities to increase their knowledge in STEM and life skills. TAF provides students with workshops in financial literacy, resume building, interviewing, and web development to prepare students for the future. Additionally, we work to partner with companies to provide hackathons and other exciting program opportunities to extend student learning beyond the classroom.

Business Consulting

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: Flexible

TAF continues to grow to serve more students and teachers. If you’re interested in providing consulting services to improve our internal processes, marketing and communications efforts, data analysis, etc., apply below!

UI/UX or Web Development Services

Location: TAF BCLS – Seattle, WA (Virtual Opportunities Available!)
Time Commitment: Flexible

Would you like to help us improve our website and user experience? Do you have experience organizing the most important information in order to help visitors navigate websites? We would love your help!

Ready to Apply?

Complete the TAF Volunteer Application to get started!

Get Started as a TAF Volunteer.

Since most of our TAF volunteers work closely with students, we’ve created a streamlined process to match individuals with exciting opportunities while managing expectations and guidelines for all parties involved. In just a few short steps, you can begin making an impact.


Attend Info Session

Volunteer Orientation is required and held virtually every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 3-4pm. Complete the TAF Volunteer Application  to get registered!


Complete Intake Forms

After volunteer orientation we will email you the following: TAF Volunteer Disclosure Statement, and the TAF Volunteer Expectations, Rights, and Responsibilities form.


Background Check and School District Approval

Upon completing intake forms, we will need to perform a background check to complete the intake process. Depending on the school district you will be volunteering in, you may need to complete an additional screening for final approval.

Did you know?

Many companies match employee volunteer hours with a donation to the receiving nonprofit. Check with your employer today to see if your volunteer hours qualify when you volunteer with TAF.

Hear What Our Volunteers Say!

“I remember how I benefited greatly from the encouragement and resources when I was a kid who just enjoyed coding. The little things I learned became big advantages years later when I pursued a career in technology. Volunteering at TAF isn’t hard and doesn’t cost me much, so it’s really worthwhile, and it gives a chance for someone else to also enjoy the life-changing opportunities that I had.”

Colin Loh, TAF Volunteer

Colin Loh
TAF Volunteer

“TAF is an organization that invests upstream where the needs are greatest. This approach is critical to making impactful changes in K-12 and teacher education. TAF’s mission is one I can believe in and follow.”

Nicole Franklin TAF Volunteer

Nicole Franklin
TAF Volunteer

“I was able to be a part of the Study Hall Tuesdays for STEM Expo and interact with students one-on-one. I loved building relationships with the students while getting to know them and help them complete their projects.”

Tonya Spatarel, TAF Volunteer

Tanya Spatarel
TAF Volunteer