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TAF volunteers make an immeasurable difference in the lives of students.
And you don’t have to be a STEM professional to make a difference!

Volunteer In The Classroom

Enough of that one-off volunteer work. You want to be in the trenches. We’ve got just the thing: work with TAF students during class.

Adopt-a-Classroom …

is a cool way to get involved if you don’t have a ton of time on your hands, but you have a group of friends or co-workers who want to volunteer with you. You form a team and take turns rotating as classroom assistants (see above). This opportunity will provide you and your friends with an endless number of conversation topics after hours.

Teacher-Scientist Partners …

are typically STEM professionals whose skill set matches something students are working on at TAF Academy. You’ll work with students (and teachers) regularly, helping them make connections between what they’re learning in the classroom and what they’ll use it for in the real world. If you’ve thought it would be cool to be a teacher but you couldn’t live with the salary, this is your chance to make a rewarding commitment.

Being a Teacher-Scientist Partner requires us to have a relationship with your company; some of our company partners even let you work on this during your work day.

Volunteer at Events

Events are fun and don’t require a long-term commitment. So if you want to make a difference on the fly, contact us about working an event!

Career Gurus …

help our students get ready for careers, especially in STEM fields. Get interviewed by TAF Academy students; they’ll ask about how you got to where you are, what you like and dislike about it, and other juicy questions. Get our students ready for internship interviews by grilling them on their own experience and skills. And, of course, more.

Judges and Authentic Audience Members …

give critical feedback on students’ projects at events like the summer STEM Expo and quarterly TAF Academy exhibitions. Our need for this varies depending on the projects students will be presenting; sometimes we need experts in certain fields, and sometimes we just need people who want to contribute by discovering the cool stuff TAF students have been up to.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

There’s always something to do at TAF!

Mentors …

meet with a TAF Academy student once per month to help them with homework, college prep and applications, and more. The only requirement (besides the background check!) is that you’re a college grad yourself.

Organizational Supporters …

help us out by doing stuff like:

  • Event planning
  • Translating (Amharic, Arabic, Mandarin/Cantonese, Vietnamese)
  • Donor or curriculum research
  • Photography or videography
  • Office admin support
  • Insert your skill here!



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