What to know: TAF Varsity Luncheon

The Varsity Luncheon is an opportunity to see TAF’s impact first-hand and learn how our work is transforming classrooms across public education. Education advocates, community members, and industry professionals from the Washington region come together to stand in support of building a more equitable public education system.

Where: Amazon Meeting Center, 2031 7th Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

When: Wednesday, March 13th, 2024 at 11:00am – 1:00pm 

How to register: Click here 

What to expect: Join students and educators from the to experience how their classrooms are preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Learn how together, in partnership with public school educators, we can build an education system that sustains inclusive and equitable classrooms that spark joy and ensure all students can thrive. 

Your role as a Table Captain

As a TAF Luncheon Table Captain, your goal is to invite guests to discover and support the work TAF does at Varsity Luncheon 2024: Courage to Act. As TAF’s biggest fundraiser of the year, your guests will have the opportunity to directly learn from and interact with the students and educators that their donations will support. 

Please utilize the resources in this promotional toolkit to invite guests to your table: friends, family, advocates, activists, leaders, co-workers, customers, anyone you know who can rally for equity in education. During the event, you’ll serve as a strong TAF advocate by encouraging those you invited to get involved, donate, or partner with TAF.

Table Captains are key supporters whose commitment is vital to achieving equitable education through courage and action!