Network for EdWork

A network of strong, diverse leaders in education.

We address long-standing systems of inequity.

Network for EdWork brings together educators and leaders of color in education — providing them with a community to help sustain inclusive and equitable schools for all students and push others to do the same, too. The program supports all stages of careers in education — from student teaching through administration.

Formed from a need to dismantle and replace institutionalized racist structures and practices, Network for EdWork provides educators and education leaders of color with tools to re-think how we can undo oppressive structures. This idea rooted in Liberation Pedagogy, is central to our work. 

We build staying power.

Right now in WA state and across the country for that matter, classroom teachers and educational leaders are disproportionately white. Students of color deserve to see themselves represented in education, and educators of color deserve to work in environments that value their identities and perspectives. 

Network for EdWork prioritizes and supports the emotional and professional development of educators of color at all stages of their careers. We want educators of color who enter into education to stay — whether in the classroom or at the district level.

Shomari Jones of Bellevue School District leads a discussion at the Martinez Fellowship annual summer conference.

Programs to lead, liberated.

We offer three core programs that support BIPOC educators and educators as well as white leaders in education on their journey to create an equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist public education system.

Martinez Fellowship

Early-career coaching, ongoing professional development, and networking opportunities for new teachers of color.

Education EnCounter

Practical leadership and community building through the lens of decolonization for current and aspiring education leaders of color.

Ally Engagment

Connecting, developing, and empowering anti-racist white leaders in education.

Stay connected.

Upcoming Events

Network for EdWork’s programs, Martinez Fellowship and Education Leaders of Color (ELOC), host events throughout the year for educators of color to connect. Find the next event below.

Feeding the Movement Podcast

In TAF’s newest podcast series, Feeding the Movement, Network for EdWork brings together various education leaders of color in discussion to ‘shoot the chit.’ 

Look for new episodes soon!