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Invest Monthly in Equitable Education.

Join TAF Catalysts who make small investments for long-term change.

Just $1/day ($30/month) can provide a student with a year of STEM education. Donate now.

Help eliminate barriers to success.

As a TAF Catalyst, you help TAF eliminate social and economic barriers for public school students to receive a quality STEM education and develop emerging teachers to create equitable classrooms for student success.

100% of your automatic, monthly gift goes directly to students and teachers, and you will be joining a community of like-minded individuals who put the focus where it matters most: creating equitable educational experiences where everyone can succeed — one month at a time.

Additionally, donating monthly in a win-win:

100% Goes to Programs

Know that your dollars will have a direct impact on students and teachers.

Budget Friendly

You can donate on your own terms with manageable monthly gifts.

Dependable Funding Stream

You allow us to plan for the future and know funding is already secured.

More Time For Programs

We can spend less time securing funding and more time improving programs.

Your donation helps student access opportunities:

$10/month covers an engineering program software license

$20/month helps cover a robotics kit for one student

$30/month covers an entire year of STEM education for one student

$50/month helps connect students to industry experience and experts

Inspire more “Aha!” moments.

By joining the TAF Catalysts community, you’re making high quality public STEM education accessible. For every dollar you give, there’s a student that has just discovered their dream career, built their very first 3D printed model, or spent an afternoon soaking in knowledge from an industry expert.

Members of the TAF Catalyst community receive:

Exclusive access to private TAF program events

Your chance to see our work in action! Generally reserved for program participants and family members, you’ll be able to see exactly what our students and Fellows are up to at exhibitions, seminars, and workshops throughout the year.

Special seating at our annual luncheon

You deserve to be celebrated for your contributions. When you RSVP, we’ll make sure to give you some of the best seats in the house.

Quarterly program and organization updates

Get a better idea of TAF’s plans for the future and how we intend to reach our goals.

Invitation to annual Catalyst Conversation and Coffee

Come chat with TAF executives and staff, network with fellow Catalysts, and hear about the impact your donations are making.


Stay up to date with TAF news stories featuring our amazing students, teachers, and Fellows.


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“Why I give.”

Catalysts share why they make monthly donations to support TAF students and teachers.

  • Even though I supported TAF in the past, after seeing how much I spend per week for restaurant lunches, I decided some of that money could be better used to support students instead. Instead of spending so much on lunch, I feel gratified knowing my monthly gift is helping the next generation achieve their dreams.

    Joan R. Lake Oswego, OR
  • I only learned of TAF a few months ago, but after hearing what their students are getting access to - technology and all these cool industry connections - I knew I wanted to help. As a Hispanic male, it was really hard for me to break into the tech industry. I know if I had what these kids are getting with TAF, it would have been much easier. Giving a donation every month is me giving back.

    Arturo C. Menlo Park, CA
  • I should have become a monthly donor years ago! I've always wanted to do more to support TAF but didn't think I could. As a Catalyst, I'm able to plan my yearly donations better by setting my own giving schedule and monthly amount. In the end, I'm able to give more than I thought since it's not one big donation, but smaller gifts to support TAF's students and teachers throughout the year.

    Rebecca N. Woodinville, WA
  • I'll be honest. The main reason I decided to become a Catalyst was so that all my money will go straight to the students and teachers. I like knowing that people are directly benefitting from my donations. Also, I like to think of my donations like my Hulu subscription. For a small amount a month, I'm helping provide a service to underrepresented students to receive a quality STEM education.

    Brendan T. Seattle, WA