Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 11 AM – 1 PM

Amazon Meeting Center, Seattle, WA


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Since 1996, TAF has worked to make public education equitable for all students. This kind of work takes time and is a combined effort. It’s a journey — not a sprint.

Through the commitment of our students and teachers, schools, individuals, foundations, and partners, change is happening. Every day we remain in this work, we are one step closer to closing the gap for students furthest from educational justice.

Join the journey with us.

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About the Luncheon

TAF Varsity Luncheon is our annual spring fundraiser that brings together a collective of Seattle’s most influential and active leaders across multiple sectors. Our luncheon, which draws over 500 industry professionals, serves as a place to inspire individual activism from those whom stand in support of fair educational opportunities and celebrate preparing student for college and careers.

The program is packed with spotlights from our TAF community, and highlights how the combination of equitable public STEM education, supportive relationships, and partnerships with districts and companies can counter socio-economic barriers to inspire student innovation, leadership, and success.

From Student Expo presentations to the main stage program, luncheon guests learn how access and opportunity allows disadvantaged and brown and black students space for innovation and leadership within largely white and male-dominated STEM fields, thus building stonger and more diverse industries.

Journey to Justice

For more than twenty-three years, TAF (Technology Access Foundation) has dedicated efforts to provide educational justice to marginalized students, specifically of color. This kind of work takes time — it is a journey, not a sprint.

Our journey to justice is a commitment, with each day of progress unveiling new ways to serve our students and teachers better. This year’s luncheon highlights the commitment of our students, teachers, schools, donors, foundations, and corporate partners to the journey in order to create more equitable opportunities in education and beyond.

TAF uses free, equitable STEM education and supportive relationships as a vehicle for change, so our students can able visualize and reach their destinations of success, compete across industries, and define the future.

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