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Experience a virtual event demonstrating the impact YOU can have in empowering students with access to an education with innovative and supportive learning that radiates through the community.

Together, we can continue this journey to ensure educational justice for all students throughout Washington state.

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For just $360, or $30 a month, you can cover one year of STEMbyTAF education for one student in their public school — a gift that will have a lasting impact on their lives.

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The time for equity in education is now.

During this difficult time, the communities we serve are facing tremendous hardship. Our work at TAF is centered around support for our communities — both inside and outside the classroom. There are many families working without access to childcare, meals, technology, and overall support. As the days progress, challenges to access common resources like internet and interim learning has become increasingly evident.

As we look towards the future, it will be more important than ever that we can provide students of color and students from low-income communities with access to the learning and resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

When the dust settles, students and teachers will return to classrooms. Looking towards the future, it is more important than ever that all students can access a quality public education rooted in equity. After all, education should be a place where everyone wins.

Since 1996, TAF has worked to make public education equitable for all students. This kind of work takes time and is a combined effort. It’s a journey — not a sprint.

Through the commitment of our students and teachers, schools, individuals, foundations, and partners, change is happening. Every day we remain in this work, we are one step closer to closing the gap for students furthest from educational justice.


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