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TAF Receives $2 Million Gift from the Yield Giving Open Call

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In March 2023, TAF responded to Yield Giving’s Open Call for proposals aimed at awarding $1 million gifts to 250 community-led, community-focused organizations. We are proud to announce that TAF was selected from over 6,353 applications from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, who were evaluated by their peers and external panelists, to determine the awardees.

We are pleased to announce that TAF was selected and, as one of the highest scoring organizations—had our award doubled to a one-time $2 million gift. 

We are honored to be one of 10 Washington Stage organizations to receive recognition from a nationwide panel of nonprofit peers, experts, and funders. They value our impact and voted to invest in TAF so that we can amplify our work.  So much so that they doubled their gift. While we are incredibly proud to have been selected from so many great organizations, we know would not be here without the courage and willingness of so many of the supporters and partners who chose to walk down this path with us. 

Your support made it possible to expand from supporting students of color through after-school programing, to opening TAF@Saghalie—Washington state’s only jointly operated district/non-profit school—and launching TransformED to scale our impact by bringing the proved STEMbyTAF model to partner schools. 

So What's Next?

The work doesn’t stop. Investing in students is an endowment on the future and we’re continuing to see the impact it has on our schools and community. We will invest in the students we currently serve, plan for the students and educators we will serve in the future and use the gift as a catalyst to take TAF to the next level.

It means we can sustain current partners as they create classrooms that are equitable, that drive curiosity and critical thinking for students like those at First Creek Middle School.

It means we can strengthen more schools and districts through real partnerships that provide them with the knowledge, hands on assistance, and encouragement to ensure students and educators thrive. 

It means we will nurture more educators and leaders of color, so that those standing at the front of the class mirror the faces and experiences of the students in the seats.

In many ways, this gift opens a new chapter for TAF, our partners, advocates, donors, and friends, like you.

With your continued support, we will leverage this amazing gift and and capture the hearts and minds of more people who want to see an equity-rooted, student centered public education system where all children thrive. 

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