School Transformation

School Transformation

Partnering with schools for better education and better futures

Partnering with schools for better education and better futures.

STEMbyTAF School Transformation expands access to our learning model so students of our partner schools will learn to succeed — not for standards or teacher expectations, not to compete in the workforce, not for personal gain and prestige — but so they can position themselves to create the world they envision personally, communally, nationally, and globally. 

Imagine a public school...

Imagine a public school that redefines STEM literacy, equitable education, and what it means to be a well-educated 21st-century student. Imagine a school known for encouraging innovation, for pushing the limits of what is expected, delivering curriculum in a way that is relevant to real-world needs and goals of students, that creates an environment that promotes academic success through a social justice lens. Public schools like this exist.

Through our STEMbyTAF School Transformation program, we partner with willing school districts to expand best practices in leadership used at our TAF Academies to eliminate race-based disparity in academic achievement and promote the highest level of student learning and teacher development. By implementing our model in existing public schools, we are able to impact thousands of students across Washington State furthest from educational justice.

Our STEMbyTAF learning model is a sustained approach to instructional change and improved student learning that hinges on building relationships between teachers and students, and designing student-focused, relevant learning experiences. We unite this approach with sound academic, social, and emotional interventions, yielding the most desirable outcomes for students.

Through an environment of high expectations and support, student, student voice and choice, and leadership, K-12 students are empowered in their learning and are able to succeed —free of the socioeconomic barriers that often inhibit achievement.

Transformation brings results.

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of Boze Elementary staff voted in favor of adopting the School Transformation Program

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students receiving high-quality STEM education through the School Transformation Program

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improvement in Boze’s school attendance in students who were absent 20-30% of the school year


years of full-time instructional coaching and support for the schools during transformation

Watch the proof of progress.

Boze Elementary recently completed the full five-year transformation process and has now become the first School Transformation Network Partner. See what school leadership says about how our model is impacting students.

How does School Transformation work?

Partner with TAF

Work with TAF to create a student-centered culture of high expectations and support where with culturally and communally relevant content

Improve opportunities

Help eliminate race-based disparity in academic achievement and promote the highest level of student learning and teacher development

Help students achieve

Produce students who are socially conscious and aware, armed with 21st-century skills, and positioned to create the world they envision

Who we partner with.

TAF seeks to level the playing field for underrepresented students, particularly students of color, by partnering with schools to increase equity and positive outcomes in public education.

Public school profiles must:

Plus, schools must also have at least one of the following criteria: