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Ally Engagement provides learning opportunities for university, school, and district leaders looking to transform their school environments to be antiracist, relevant, and responsive to BIPOC leaders, educators, and students. This program is specifically designed to support white leaders in traditional district and university structures on their journey to redefine how they can create and sustain more inclusive environments. Through our programming, leaders explore a decolonized approach to teaching, mentoring, and leadership, build community with others, and take an active role in dismantling oppressive systems within education.


Convening workshop for white leaders in education

Representation In Education

Right now in WA state and across the country, classroom teachers and educational leaders are still disproportionately white. Students of color deserve to see themselves represented in education. Educators and leaders of color deserve to work in environments that value and center their identities and perspectives. 

Recognize, undo, replace, engage.

The foundation of our programming is to dismantle and replace institutionalized racist structures and practices. The program itself provides space and guidance for white leaders to reimagine the beliefs and systems in which they operate.

Ally Engagement uses TAF’s Liberation Pedagogy framework to provide learning spaces geared toward self-reflection and self-examination. Our program is centered on “headwork”, “heartwork”, and rooted in community, which allows for leaders to chart their own path for growth and change.



The deeper inner work of healing from trauma and undoing inherited oppressive beliefs, practices, and ideology – centered around mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.



Professional development centered around anti-oppressive and antiracist practices as leaders in education.



Consistently engaging, reflecting, and sharing in community with others.

The annual Launch is an opportunity for leaders and aspiring leaders in education to learn about TAF’s Liberation Pedagogy framework through our two leadership professional development programs, Education EnCounter and Ally Engagement. Attendees participate in a guided workshop exploring the application of Liberation Pedagogy in their schools – and are provided with a framework to help create and sustain more inclusive and equitable schools. 

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Every year, the TAF’s Network for EdWork brings together leaders and educators from across the country to share tools, practices, and policies that undo and replace oppressive behaviors, beliefs, and policies that harm BIPOC students and educators.

The Convening is an opportunity to commune with each other and engage in decolonizing pedagogies meant to liberate education and create more equitable learning environments for everyone.

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As part of our Anti-Racist Leadership Series, these half-day workshops provide a framework for white leaders who are ready to challenge and redefine the education system and themselves, to cultivate spaces where BIPOC leaders, educators, and students of color thrive.

These multi-part engagements serve as a space for white leaders to examine the impact of racism and oppression on self, others, and the education system – ultimately supporting them to engage in more inclusive and liberatory leadership practices. 

Sample Engagement Topics: 

  • Supremacy/oppressor mindset 
  • Culturally responsive education 
  • Microaggressions in school culture 
  • Dominant narratives in prescribed school curricula 

Ally Engagement offers affinity salons specifically for leaders who identify as white. These spaces are an opportunity for leaders who have or are currently attending our Anti-Racist Leadership Series to engage in community to share, reflect, and strategize. Affinity Salons provide white education leaders an opportunity to explore their own identities and acquire the skills and confidence to engage in this vital work with and alongside BIPOC colleagues and communities more effectively. 

To help maintain community and support in between formal program events, we utilize an online learning platform that allows participants to access materials from previous workshops, resources for networking with other ally partners, clock hour information, as well as information about upcoming events. 

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