This is The Work

TAF’s first book, sharing how one idea to increase access for students of color evolved to impact public education through STEM across Washington State.

About The Book, This is The Work

For more than 20 years the Technology Access Foundation, a non-profit organization in Seattle, WA, has made it its mission to provide students, regardless of race, income, or background, the education and opportunities they need to succeed in STEM fields and in life.

This is the Work offers insight and counternarratives that challenge mainstream discussions of social innovation and STEM+ education in the United States. Based on how influential members of the extended TAF community value and discuss their work as STEM educators and social innovators, this book explores members’ experiences and ideas through lenses such as Critical Race Theory, Black Feminist Theory, sociotechnical theories, and Critical Pedagogy.

The Authors

Trish Millines Dziko

Trish, Cofounder and Executive Director of Technology Access Foundation (TAF), is regarded as a fearless leader and advocate throughout Washington State and beyond for her work providing equitable public STEM education to underserved students of color. Since leaving Microsoft in 1996 to offer pathways for black and brown students to acquire STEM and tech skills, Trish has built a framework for public education – incorporating STEM education, leadership opportunities, and corporate relationships into the STEMbyTAF academic model to level the playing field for often overlooked students.

Zithri Ahmed Saleem

Zithri Ahmed Saleem

Zithri is an accomplished social entrepreneur, writer, and Ph.D. student at the University of Washington School of Information Science. He has over 20 years of experience that spans the intersection of social innovation, design, public education, and digital media. His current research investigates how individuals, businesses, and organizations in nonwhite communities leverage digital technology to combat ongoing forms of colonization and oppression. He is a German Marshall Memorial Fellow (15′), a Governor appointed member of the Washington State Arts Commission, and Director Emeritus at Technology Access Foundation.

“TAF’s book, This is The Work, really shows the holes in current public education. There is a true need for more people, specifically companies and industry professionals, to get involved in k12 education. TAF is clearly leading this effort and I hope everyone follows behind them.”

This is The Work, A Collection of Stories

This is The Work is a book for everyone, by many. The book is a compilation of perspectives from the TAF community of alumni, current and former staff members, and community supporters who have followed our work and seen first-hand how our STEMbyTAF model is changing the way public education should serve students, especially those of color.

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