TAF Annual Corporate Breakfast 2015

Since its inception in 1996, TAF has been a stalwart partner of community, industry, and higher education as a means to bring essential relevance, adult relationships, and rigor to the learning process.

 Three TAF Academy students presented their new company to 20 different companies at TAF’s Annual Corporate Breakfast on November 16, 2015 at Google Seattle. The company’s name is Melan and focuses on wearable but fashionable technology. Melan is named after “Melanin” that relates to the pigment of one’s skin; a name they chose after experiencing being buillied because of their dark skin. Melan encourages girls to embrace their dark skin as love instead of hate and heavily promotes self love and positive body images. The products created by Melan are a fusion of “medical and fashion design.”  Melan’s first product is already in the works! The students are using the Lighthouse, TAF Academy’s Design and Engineering Lab, to create their first prototype; a watch for individuals with Sickle Cell Anemia that would be worn daily to track appropriate levels and sustain maximum health.  Follow TAF on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter for updates on Melan’s first prototype.

TAF Alliance

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Corporate partnership (referred to as the TAF Alliance) provides access, opportunity, and growth to TAF programs and students. We leverage our corporate partner’s investment of time, resources, and opportunities to prepare tomorrow’s STEM leaders.
In the 2014-2015 school year, Wimmer Solutions gave a contribution of $25,000 sponsoring the Lighthouse, TAF Academy’s Engineering and Design Lab, where students understand what it takes to innovate: ideas, design thinking, prototyping, and testing. Follow the Lighthouse on Facebook to read more stories about student projects and presentations.


300 students, 200 projects
Students receive mentorship from STEM professionals as they present their projects to the judges and public. Projects move on to state science fairs and Imagine Tomorrow.


Fred Hutch and TAF Academy partner together to provide students professional mentoring and experience in biomedical research through their internship program. Students start in 10th grade and continue for three years. This program helps ”increase our participating students’ likelihood of attending college and obtaining a graduate degree in science.”  Read more about our dynamic partnership with Fred Hutch.
Young Women’s Symposium
150 young women, ages 12-18
Brings together women leaders in local STEM industry to talk to the young women of TAF Academy. Workshops and guest speakers attend to address topics relating to women in STEM.

Partner With TAF

Washington ranks 4th in the country in the number of technology-based corporations, but falls to 46th when it comes to participation in science and engineering graduate programs. Less than five percent of post-secondary STEM degrees are earned by students of color.

Partner support helps us change this, empowering students to make important contributions in Washington State’s technology, engineering, and biological-and physical-science sectors. The end result is increased diversity and competitiveness in Washington State’s businesses, and healthier, more economically-robust communities.

Corporate Relations and Foundations

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