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Decades of doing the work

This year marks 25 years of TAF’s commitment to students and educators of color. Let’s celebrate this huge milestone and the generational change you’ve helped make possible at the 2022 TAF Varsity Lunchbreak: 25 years of TAF excellence – and we’re not done yet!

TAF has been transforming public education for decades, and now is the time to dive in! Join us for the YouTube premiere on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 | 11:30 – 12:30 PDT


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for generational change

Any donation of $250 dollars or more will be matched 100% thanks to a generous TAF supporter. You can also get your donation matched if you become a new monthly donor.

$360 will cover a year of STEMbyTAF education for one public school student. When you join our monthly TAF Catalyst donor program, you can make that happen for just $30 a month!
You’ll get a free t-shirt with that first month’s donation too.

Make a lasting impact on today’s youth and the generations that follow.

We're not done yet!

Since 1996 TAF has brought in a new era of education for students and teachers of color in Washington State. We’ve gone from 40 kids at our first after school program to transforming education with our STEMbyTAF model directly in schools, impacting over 24,000 students annually. Along the way we broadened our reach to support educators of color and encourage leaders in education of all backgrounds to do their part.

We’ve come so far in 25 years, thanks to the support of our community and our collective commitment to equitable education. We have alumni from our first programs stopping by current TAF classrooms to talk about their careers and inspire the next generation. This is what is possible when we invest in tomorrow’s leaders, generational change.

And we’re not done yet! Together, we can make equitable public education systems a reality so that everyone has the opportunity to build their vision for the future.

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