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Support a student today. You'll transform classrooms into spaces where the only limit on student learning is their own imagination and curiosity.



Lack of adequate funding for public schools is limiting learning for students across districts. Unlock student potential by providing limitless learning at a TransformED partner school.

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Helping Students Create the World They Envision

At TAF we believe every child can achieve great things when they’re wholly supported. When students are the drivers of their learning and see themselves in their education, they can begin to think critically about their role in their communities and the world at large.

By transforming classrooms into spaces that truly foster innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking student learning is limitless. They can dare to be bold, creative, and innovative as they aspire to create a better world for the future. This is vision of the STEMbyTAF model, combining interdisciplinary project-based learning through a racial equity lens that helps them see the whole picture and understand how their learning connects to the world.

TransformED Partnering Schools

A Partnership Model that Puts Students First

When TAF partners with a school, we have our students’ (and teachers’) backs. We uphold the word partner to the truest sense of the word, working side-by-side with educators and admin to build student-centered pedagogy that is inclusive and involves the expanded community. Through professional development sessions and daily support, our STEMbyTAF coaches shift mindsets from success and failure to exploring learning as a process.

Coaches work with educators to build interdisciplinary projects that aim to solve a community-driven question. Leveraging their learning, students explore ways to address issues that matter to them and bring innovative ideas and unique perspectives to community members and industry experts for feedback. The process provides students with the opportunity to see how their learning connects to the world around them, while engaging with STEM professionals from their own communities.

TransformED in Action

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Invest today in one student, and the infinite futures they will create.

Support a student today. Your monthly gift will transform classrooms into spaces where the only limit on student learning is their own imagination and curiosity.