Common Core and PBL (pt. 2)

The question: Must the Common Core State Standards create upheaval amongst math and ELA teachers who want to define it as “one more thing”—another fad that will lead to chaos? […]

Common Core and PBL

As this new blog finds its way through the worlds of STEM education, issues of STEM equity (STEM justice), project-based learning, and school reform, it’s time for a few words […]

Human Centered Design

Human-centered design is such an important aspect of the design process that it has earned its own acronym: HCD. When engineers look through the HCD lens, they acknowledge the primacy […]

Imagine. Design. Fabricate.

“We are muddy boots on the ground, slogging through it every day working to make a difference.” These are the words of a visionary—a man with the mission to spread […]

Inside PBL: Zero Sum Project

When you enter The Zero Sum Game, you have to be ready—ready to negotiate, ready to form alliances, ready to persuade other countries to do business with you. You are […]