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Partnering with TAF

Out of shared concerns come diverse solutions.

TAF partners are a collection of forward-thinking companies committed to ensuring all students have access to equitable public STEM education and career opportunities. TAF partners are allies and agents of change, providing much-needed financial, experiential, and volunteer support to our core programs. Collaboratively we can implement new strategies to share historically inaccessible resources with under-resourced communities of color and provide real-world experiences, industry skills, and ultimately, future career opportunities.

Our proud partners:

TAF@Saghalie student Feliciana and Zillow’s Government Relations and Public Affairs Manager, Anna Boone, share why corporate partnerships with public schools are so important.

The talent is right here.

Washington state currently has approximately 25,000 unfilled STEM-related jobs. Yet, finding qualified, local talent does not have to be an issue — there are capable but overlooked students ready to learn, innovate, and become company leaders, given the access and chance. It is our duty to empower underrepresented students of color in order to create more vibrant and diverse industries of top, not convenient, talent.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion continues to be a critical focus for companies across the country. TAF partners play an integral part in introducing students of color opportunities to new STEM career opportunities from forward-thinking, bold companies who understand corporate’s role in supporting equitable public education. 

Why partner?

TAF  partners recognize the importance of investing in early education to impact the future of hiring and company culture. Employee diversity is still vastly underrepresented and must be addressed. Workforce diversity can bring different perspectives and innovation to create unique solutions and problem solving. To help reduce the disparity in the STEM field workforce, TAF partners help provide a continuum of support to create career opportunities for Black and Brown scholars while aligning efforts with company initiatives and values.

Industry Leadership

Network with leadership and collaborate to solve the current STEM talent challenges

Improve Diversity

Deliberate and inclusive knowledge-sharing through workshops, paid internships and mentoring to support underserved and overlooked youth

Fulfilled Employees

Provide meaningful, ongoing volunteer opportunities that allow employees to connect with students and coworkers through a cause they care about

Brand Alignment

Increase brand awareness and impact throughout the community with a nonprofit that supports your own company initiatives and values

Corporate Citizenship

Being socially and environmentally responsible through philanthropy that will inspire and educate students to become career-ready

Member benefits.

Aside from the organic benefits that can result from a partnership with TAF, partnering with TAF can include unique, exclusive benefits.

Ready to get started?

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Partners in action.

Learn how our company partners help us provide TAF students and teachers will the tools necessary to lead and thrive.


Together, we can make things better.

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