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Provide students with 1:1 math and reading support

Students will need all the help they can get this year.

The school year with be tough on everyone, especially for students who are already struggling. With the shift to remote learning, it will be more important than ever that students receive the support they need to overcome the challenges of learning outside the classroom.

Donate so students can receive free 1:1 math and reading tutoring from dedicated STEMbyTAF Student Support Specialists.

All students can achieve.

TAF partners with public schools where 77% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch and 81% identify as a student of color. Across the nation, these students are often victims of low-expectations in math and reading achievement. At TAF, we know that all students are capable of success with the right tools and support. We have a track record of boosting students math and reading levels, and our Student Support Specialists are training in our STEMbyTAF model to help students achieve their learning goals.

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Let's set students up for success.

We have a track record of success and have adapted our STEMbyTAF model to support student learning outside of the classroom.


Award Winning Model

Our pilot school TAF@Saghalie has received the School of Distinction Award seven years in a row (the max allowed) for math and reading improvement


Dedicated Support

Student Support Specialists are assigned to each classroom to supplement teaching and provide in-class 1:1 student tutoring


No Cost and Convenient

STEMbyTAF students will receive free tutoring within school hours, eleviating the burden of coordinating tutoring and making the service accessible to participating students

Donate to support learning.

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Monthly donors help us reduce fundraising costs and effort so we can focus more on our students and programs

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Any amount helps as we work to provide students with the support needed for a successful learning experience this year

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You can also read one of our latest blog posts which shares how we’re preparing for the school year.