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Connected Learning


Authentic student learning must extend beyond the classroom and campus. Since its’ inception in 1996, TAF has been a stalwart partner of community, industry, and higher education as a means to bring essential relevance, adult relationships, and rigor to the learning process.

In 2005, we formalized a framework for the role of a school as part of a larger ecosystem of student-learning supported by adult partnerships from across a diverse spectrum of institutions and backgrounds. Guided by this model, we made history in 2008 by becoming the first public-private STEM school (non-charter) in the nation focused on serving students of color and those from low income backgrounds, TAF Academy.

Connected Learning is an emergent framework that aligns well with our legacy of innovative partnership and use of technology as a tool for learning. We invite you to learn more and join us in our mission toward college and career readiness for each of our students in STEM and beyond.

Connected Learning

Credit: Under License of Connected Learning Research Network and Digital Media & Learning Research Hub

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