Through The Eyes of Generation Z: Student Show

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A packed exhibit room listened intently as a pair of TAF Academy girls gave a particularly moving presentation about rape against young women. Both took turns speaking to the engaged audience and with each statement, commanded the attention of the room. Their presentation was just one of many last Thursday evening, when the Tacoma Museum of Glass opened its doors to host “Through The Eyes of Generation Z,” an art show featuring original artwork and installations by TAF Academy design and engineering students.

The show, a mixture of controversial issues including race, urban development, violence, acceptance, self-love and heritage was meant to make the audience think not only about existing issues that society faces, but also offer ways to solve them. So as everyone listened intently to TAF Academy students share their narratives around the original work they produced, both TAF Academy Engineer and Design teachers Gabriel Diaz and Cait Engels felt a sense of pride witnessing the culminating event.

Over the past couple months, both Diaz and Engels challenged their students to either create artwork tackling prominent issues in society or provide solutions to real world problems like reducing consumer waste. One student took on the last challenge by creating a dress made of empty Capri Sun pouches, sensibly showing how materials can be reused for fashion.

At TAF Academy, students are also empowered to become entrepreneurs and given the tools and resources to do so. In addition to traditional artwork, students worked in teams or companies, to produce products and solutions for everyday use. Tap Water, a company formed by a group of 6th grade students, created an instrument that uses water to make musical notes akin to a piano.

Art mediums ranged from 3-D installations, canvas, sculpture and more. One thing was prevalent throughout the night – TAF Academy students are forward thinking and critically assessing the world in which they live in. They are cognizant of how many different issues around them are interrelated, and are willing to address those problems in any way they can. Thursday night, they chose to bring awareness to the community through beautifully created and intrinsically motivated pieces of art, conversations, and demonstrations.

The night ended as Diaz presented awards to various students and with onlookers applauding in support of the students. “It was a really good event,” TAF Corporate Relations Development Officer Tyrone Cunningham said. “I really enjoyed all of the presentations. This is a great opportunity for parents to see their kids excel and is definitely something we should continue in future.”

Check out students work below!

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