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TAF Academy Jump Starts The School Year


July 23, 2014-Last month, family and friends alike were invited to TAF Academy for a “college fair” lead by TAF Academy’s incoming sixth graders. 

JumpstartJump Start  is a free program with a heavy  College and Career Readiness (CCR) component. It is designed as a program for incoming sixth graders to get acclimated to STEM classroom integration, project based learning, and the technology used at TAF Academy.  Throughout the 4 week program, students are expected to work on a project to present at the culminating exhibition. Curriculum supplements this with skill events doing mini projects with real life story problems (budgeting, group work, project management etc.) in real world situations. This year’s project required students to pair up and research a college of their choice from the perspective of a high school Senior. There were many components of the project (research, group work) that allowed each group to utilize the skills they had learned over the course of the program. Visitors were given a “College Fair Scoring Checklist” (pictured below) to take with them from booth to booth. Groups were scored on  specific topics they presented including demographics of chosen college, top 5 majors, and detailed tuition information. At the end of the exhibition, each student was called up to receive an award for completion of Jump Start. Jump Start also gives students an opportunity to meet some of their classmates, become familiar with work styles, and encourages students to start thinking about their futures now. View our gallery below for pictures of the event.


For more information on TAF Academy visit our website or Follow us online at @stembytaf.

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