Saghalie Middle School is winning at presidential elections

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Last Thursday, Saghalie Middle School 7th graders showcased their presidential election projects in an exhibition style. It was a timely and relevant project that directly related to our country’s current events, and a good way for the students to gain a deeper understanding of the impact their sole vote can make.

As many of you know, next school year, TAF Academy will transition over to join with Saghalie’s student body. The foundation, TAF, already has transformation coaches in place this school year to understand the nuances of the campus, its students, and staff. One of the perks of being on the Sagahlie campus already is having the opportunity to witness the amazing work currently being done.

In preparation for the exhibitions, Saghalie 7th graders researched the presidential candidates making sure to take note of the hot topic issues of this election surrounding immigration, big oil, health care, military and more. With the information they gathered, they then did their best to sway their fellow students to vote for their favorite candidate.

The exhibition mimicked a real life election. Students listened to presentations, read through facts and then voted for the candidate they felt was most qualified to lead the nation. They used a real ballot and voter box, and over 115 students voted.

We’re very proud of the work Saghalie is doing to integrate in real-world issues with the curriculum. Special nod to Saghalie principal Joe Kosty and the rest of the dedicated staff!

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