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TAF Academy Tour

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AJ and Paulo, two sixth graders from TAF Academy, led me on a tour of their school recently.   Before embarking on our tour, TAF’s supplemental service coordinator, Amanda, reminded them of the tour route and the necessary logistics of touring.  She gave the following pieces of advice: “Be sure to open the door for your guest,” and “When presenting, be sure that you are facing our guests so that they can hear you.”

The two boys were excited to share their school with me, and clearly very proud to be TAF Tigers.  They littered the tour with all kinds of ‘locals’ only information.  I learned about their recent lessons in Japanese class, the help available to students during Xblock, the way that laptops are cared for and charged at night, and the beginning steps of making your own video game.   A highlight for me was when they explained that “a long time ago, back in the day, people saved stuff on cds instead of thumb drives.”  Yes, I felt a touch old.

They showed me the science lab, the robotics lab, the student lounge, their language classroom, and their math classroom.  They opened the door for me, answered all my questions, and were energetic and fun tour guides.

If you’d like to see TAF Academy for yourself, schedule a tour!  It’s a great introduction to the school.

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