TAF Academy is a 6th-12th grade school that prepares students for college and careers in STEM. It is co-managed with and located within Federal Way Public Schools.


TAF offers after-school enrichment and full-day camps for students in grades 1-8 to explore STEM through hands-on experiential learning.


TAF STEM Institute offers teachers and educators professional development and leadership training in STEM integration and project-based learning with a focus on equity in education.


TAF partners with public schools and districts that are interested in adopting the model of our award winning TAF Academy school. We also work with community and corporate partners to add value to the education process.

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Success to Significance

Graduation Rate
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College Acceptance Rate
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“Students will learn to succeed–not for standards or teacher expectations, not to compete in the workforce and fuel the economy, not for personal gain and prestige–but so they can position themselves to create the world they envision, personally, communally, nationally and globally.” — Excerpt from TAF Academy Vision

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Join Us

Need a space for you next meeting or event? Our Bethaday Community Learning Space is the perfect venue for everything from staff meetings to weddings.

Your time is valuable. We appreciate your help in supporting our student to be college and career ready in STEM and more.

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