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7 things we loved about the science fair


TAF Academy’s first science fair, held at the Bethaday Community Learning Space, was AMAZING. We’ve had a couple of weeks to reflect. Here’s some feedback from David Harris, TAF staffer extraordinaire and a co-organizer of the event:

  1. Our students rock! So many people kept telling me that our students were so well behaved; and, they know their stuff.
  2. Judges are big kids with the same passion as our students! It was amazing to see the judges so dedicated and committed to making what they felt was the right decision for the love of science.
  3. TAF Academy teachers and staff are rock stars! It shows in the students that you serve. Thank you, TAF Academy teacher Mrs. Lemus, for dreaming this up then executing.
  4. TAF Staff are avengers of #STEMJustice, every one of them possessing mutant-like powers. Everybody came together to offer their strengths on this event. It was a beautiful thing to watch.
  5. #TAFstemfair Tweets: http://bit.ly/tafstemfairtwt
  6. #TAFstemfair Mixtape (Extended): http://bit.ly/tafstemfair
  7. I can’t wait until the next one! This one was on Valentine’s Day – I wonder which holiday we’ll pick next 🙂 j/k

Check out the photos. (Thanks to Kariba Photography for taking these!)

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