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TAF Academy Students Catch Vibes


In honor of Black History Month, Washington State University hosted 170 students at its annual VIBES conference. These students attended workshops focusing on leadership, community awareness, and college awareness. Among them were 3 TAF Academy students, chosen by WSU! This is a beginning of a great relationship with the Muliticultural Student Services.

Ericka, Lexi, and A’Leesia experienced life at WSU at VIBES last weekend. All of these are college-track students excited to build relationships with like-minded students of color. Lexi, a student who can be shy about participating in class, raised her hand to share what she knew about STEM education in a way that would make everyone at TAF proud. Many at the conference began calling our students “The STEM girls.”

For more information about the historic Vibes Conference: http://vibes.wsu.edu/goals-and-mission.aspx

Please check out the SmugMug share for a small taste of their trip: http://media.techaccess.org/photos/swfpopup.mg?AlbumID=27969094&AlbumKey=Mtgx77




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