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TAF End of Year 2018

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Thanks to You

Thanks to you, over 19,000 traditionally underrepresented students across Washington State are receiving a high-quality, equitable public school education.
Thank you for providing a safe place for them to learn and thrive through STEM. In TAF’s 22-year history, we have gained the respect of educators ranging from administration to the classroom. Our programs (past and present) have educated thousands of students so far, with over 1,500 students being added to our programs each year.
“Alumni of TAF, including myself, are not only able to break away from poverty, but are now leaders and professionals who make a difference in many areas of our society. Changing lives only takes one person at a time.” – Mai Pham, TAF Alumni 


By giving today, you can help young students obtain opportunities and support so that they can celebrate their backgrounds and creativity, as well as drive to be leaders in industry, communities and nations.  

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