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Fall Internship at TAF

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547587_4986694698965_1113874912_nHello, I’m Sydney Manning and I am interning for TAF this autumn. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Washington majoring in psychology. I’m interested in neurobiology and I would like to pursue a career in psychiatrics. The blend of practices including chemistry and pharmaceuticals makes this field very interesting to me.

In addition to pursuing my degree, I enjoy singing with several university choirs. Singing with the UW Chorale has brought me together with a variety of students both graduate and undergraduate that I’d never have met within my usual classes, and given me opportunities to find a community that is based on creating art and being a part of something beautiful. Last summer our choir toured Estonia and Latvia! That was amazing especially because I love to travel and had never been to either country before. Within the next year I hope to return to either the two cities I’ve loved the best—Prague or Copenhagen—and study abroad.

I am working with TAF as part of a required service learning project through my sociology class at the university. Of the options presented I chose TAF because I really wanted to feel as though I was working for an organization that made a difference. As someone who is highly interested in medical sciences I was eager to volunteer for support of a STEM education. After attending college for a year I became aware of so much more to learn than I’d known there to be in high school, and that there are so many more opportunities, careers, and more to achieve than I had been taught. I’d like to help others be inspired and curious about the world around them and the opportunities available to them any way that I can.

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