Highlights from STEM + Art Student Show

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Last Friday’s STEM + Art student art exhibit was a huge success. For a short time, you can order prints of TAF Academy students’ digital work. Prints are available for $30 and proceeds support future art programming at TAF Academy.

How to Order: Contact Janet Lotawa at janetl@techaccess.org or call 206.725.9095 ext.18 (Prints and an invoice are mailed within ten days of the request).

Digital Art – Pieces and Artists’ Statements

My cause was poverty & homelessness.  I used the concept of farming for the month of February because farmers are already poor, but in winter, when it is cold, there is less produce, so it is near impossible to make money during the winter. 

I also used the concept of a food bank during November because during Thanksgiving, we can go out & buy a feast, but people facing
poverty barely have enough for a small meal, so I used the food bank to show that people can have a good meal without all the money for a big turkey & pumpkin pie.Vicky21-300x210

-Vicky Lockhart







Mariah2-239x300My artworks are based on the cause of poverty.  I focused on the Great Depression because that has affected the world on an economic, global level.  Men were dying due to the war, and women and men weren’t making much money because of scarce jobs due to the economic fall.  I want to focus on this because I hope we are better prepared for when there is another stock market crash.  This is to warn the world of the past to prepare for our futures.

– Mariah Clark










Human life is precious and we must do everything reasonable to prevent deaths.  Teenage drivers are much more likely to have accidents than older drivers.  In the USA, there were over 30,000 deaths in crashes involving 15-17 year old drivers. Young drivers have more accidents because they are inexperienced, not just because they are young.  Delaying when they get a license will make the roads much safer for everyone.  The effects of drunk driving put teens at a higher risk than adult drinkers because they definitely do not know their alcohol tolerance limit.  Sometimes, even adults feel peer pressure to drink & drive.  The effects of drinking & driving are staggering.  Poor coordination, disorientation, blackouts, slurred speech, & double vision are short-term effects of alcohol abuse.  Americans consume the most alcohol in their teenage years until their early twenties.  One of the positive things about drunk driving in teenagers is that something can be done to help stop it.  All states now have raised the legal drinking age to 21 years old.  There are many organizations to combat drunk driving, usually started by family members of  victims of drunk driving.  Please DON’T drink & drive!  Save my life!

– Manpreet Kaur

Corruption of Justice: I made this artwork to show the corruption of our court system.  Though the image of blind justice is generic, I decided to use her because it is what I thought would best describe the point I was trying to make & because it is a generic image it best helps the audience to automatically realize that representation; the artwork has no hidden meaning.

Rich, Middle Class, Poor: I made this artwork to best help represent corruption and how, since the recession started, the middle class of Washington has begun to disintegrate, the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer.  I decided to make the visible description of the poor as an abyss because I think that there is no end to how poor you can be and that the disintegration of the
middle class is only beginning.

–  Aunders Burck


I created these artworks to demonstrate the need to refrain from animal testing and captivity.  As humans, we are stewards of the earth and we should treat animals humanely and with respect.  My first artwork shows an animal testing center that is closed down.
The second artwork shows an eagle flying freely in the sky.  Both artworks are visions that I would like to see more of in the world.

– Zoe Chalcraft


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