Science professionals, hang out at school for a day!

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Remember career day? Juicy Jobs is like that, but better. Professionals from different fields provide TAF Academy students with real-world context in which to apply their academic skills. The theme for February series is the SCIENCES, and we’re looking for volunteers. Since this is a fairly broad topic we’ve narrowed it down to the following categories:

  • Aviation
  • EMT
  • Engineering
  • Fire science
  • Forestry
  • Geologists
  • Marine science (oceanography)
  • Medical of any kind
  • Video game design

No formal presentation preparation is necessary; however, we encourage participants to bring artifacts from their jobs (i.e. maps, models, tools, and photos, etc.) to the help illustrate their daily work. In small groups, students will interview volunteers regarding their personal professional journey and educational background for approximately 30 minutes. Contact TAF Academy’s supplemental services coordinator, Amanda Kopchynski (, to sign up today. Your commitment of time and exper­tise helps our kids get one step closer to success in college and life.

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