Imagine a Different Public School.

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Imagine a public school that promotes education for all, a school where cultural identity is celebrated and community is promoted through technology. This school redefines STEM literacy, eliminates race-based disparity, and promotes boundless innovation in each classroom.

This school exists. In fact, there are now five STEMbyTAF schools like this because of your contributions in support of this vision. Even more, your support has helped us inspire state-wide change. We now impact over 20,000 students across our programs, in 117 public schools and 35 districts throughout Washington State.

Over the past year, your generous contributions allowed us to expand our reach and successfully partner with three new elementary schools. For those of you who have been on this journey with us, we’re also celebrating the fifth year of School Transformation at Boze Elementary — a testament to TAF’s staying power and positive impact in a school community that needed support. Although over 80% of the students at this school qualify as low-income, that status does not define their potential. Students can now explore and discover worlds of design, engineering, science, entrepreneurship, and much more.

“I was super excited to use a 3D printer because I can draw my spaceship but now I can actually hold it to show to everyone what it looks like in real life too!”

– Jaden, 5th Grade Student at Boze Elementary on their Space Exploration Project

Boze Elementary students are so engaged in learning that they went from 125 students being tardy or absent 20-30% of the time during the school year to only 5 students. 

The school is now equipped with the support needed to continue providing educational opportunities that will shape future leaders and innovators – this is our vision for STEMbyTAF schools. This is why we have worked to create a model where all students can access the academic rigor and opportunities they deserve.

It’s no secret that the disparities in our state have become increasingly apparent. A recent study* found an incredible gap in educational opportunities resulting from racial segregation and economic status in Washington State.

Together, we can do more. Just $30 a month pays for one student to receive a full year of high-quality, career-connected, STEMbyTAF education all day in their school.

You can help us power curiosity, innovation, and opportunity in the schools that need it most.

Boze Elementary with STEMbyTAF Learning

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* Visualization by ProPublica based on data by U.S Department of Education, 2018.
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