Meet Heather Lechner, TAF Executive Director of Education

Heather Lechner
Executive Director of Education

Heather is experiencing a Home Coming of sorts. Heather grew up in Seattle and until recently has resided in New Orleans, Louisiana.  After almost 15 years as an educator in Louisiana working to close the achievement and opportunity gap, Heather felt called to return home to address the greater opportunity and achievement gap that exists in the Seattle area. She joined TAF to ensure that her skillset was targeting the underserved and underrepresented community she has a desire and obligation to serve.

At TAF, Heather leads the Education team, which is charged with the implementation of TAF’s programs designed to address race-based disparities in our schools. She partners with districts, universities, administrators, teachers, STEM and industry professionals to ensure that our students have access to teachers who are representative of their race and cultures, unparalleled experiences, quality rigorous and engaging learning environments.

Heather is an accomplished educator with a proven track record of improving underperforming schools in New Orleans, as a turnaround school leader following Hurricane Katrina.  She has achieved this success both as a founding principal of charter schools and a co-principal in a traditional district, within an environment plagued by the challenges of an educational system in the process of being rebuilt.  Her experience as a leader within a reform setting and her education results in a leader with a depth knowledge in the transformation process, coaching of principals and transitioning schools in support of students of color is at the core of TAF work and mission.

Heather values having a growth mindset and possess a dedication to constant learning. Heather is a certified teacher, principal and administrator. She has a BA from Lewis and Clark College, a MFA from Wayne State University, a MEd from Teachers College in New York, and is currently working on her EdD also at Teachers College.

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