TAF Academy is recruiting future students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

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TAF Academy recruiting is in full swing. Hosting students and parents, from near and far, as they check out our innovative learning space. Over 200 5th grade students, teachers, and parents have visited TAF Academy over the past week, many of them coming away thrilled with the opportunity that is in front of them. Access to laptops, project-based learning, online tools, student demonstrations and focus on STEM are among the components have potential students excited.

Our recruiting efforts are not limited to middle school students, as TAF Academy is also excited about prospective high school students. There are current openings in grades 9-12, where students will have access to internships, college readiness program, and student exhibitions (where they show off their work to the community). Now is a great time to schedule a tour of TAF Academy and experience first-hand the amazing opportunity that students are taking advantage of.

If you are a parent, caregiver, student, or know of students that are looking to see if TAF Academy is the school for them, now is a great time to schedule a tour. Send an email to TAFTours@techaccess.org. We look forward to seeing you!

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