TAF Academy Students Start Senior Projects

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TAF Academy Seniors Start Senior Projects

This month our 21 TAF Academy seniors received the handbook for their senior projects.  They’ll spend the rest of the school year completing them, while attending their classes and applying to college.

Here are the deliverables:

  • A Proposal Paper in which the student defines a subject and focus that he/she wants to pursue through this project. The subject should reflect the student’s passions and interests in alignment with appropriate power standards and learning targets.
  • A Self-Defined Driving Question which the student will seek to answer through research, reading, writing, and fieldwork.
  • A Senior Thesis that demonstrates college-ready research and writing skills and which contributes to the process of answering the driving question
  • A 20 Hour (minimum) Service Learning Experience which will be of significance to the larger community. This will be done independently with the guidance of a faculty advisor on the TAF Academy campus as well as a mentor from outside of the school community. There should be a connection between the research paper and the service learning.
  • A Final Exhibition of Learning through which the student will present and defend the research paper’s and service project’s aims, goals, rigor, and findings in front of a panel of judges.
  • A Reflection Paper in which the student will write about his/her experiences with the Senior Project and what he/she learned.

They are going to be some busy puppies!

Stay tuned for opportunities for you to support this work.

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