TAF Volunteers, We Appreciate You!

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They say that our most valuable asset is our time – how we spend it matters greatly since it is the one nonrenewable resource we cannot get back, control, or own. Yet so many of us feel short of time, where the days run together and there is little opportunity to pursue things outside of our daily tasks. If that weren’t the case, what would you do with extra time on your hands? 

In this past school year, 265 of you decided to dedicate that time to TAF, volunteering through a plethora of one-time or ongoing opportunities that make educational equity possible for our students and teachers across Washington state. Whether it was facilitating a workshop, mentoring students in their project development, bringing industry experiences to the classroom, judging our competitions & innovation challenges, or providing feedback during presentations of learning, our TAF volunteers showed up time and time again with incredible knowledge and skills that enhanced the learning experiences of our students through their dedicated time and effort. Here are some impressive stats & quotes that capture TAF’s volunteer efforts of the past year:


Total Volunteers in 2020-2021
Total Volunteer Hours (and counting)
0 +
Companies Volunteering with TAF
0 +
Events & Programs



As a way to share our gratitude, here are some kind words from our TAF staff members in honor of all the volunteers from the past year – without you, we couldn’t make equitable education possible!

While there are endless ways to spend your time, we hope you consider making an impact in your communities by joining forces with TAF to transform public education into a place where everyone wins. We can’t do this work without you – we need everyone in their respective fields, positions, and communities to engage with our students and help build a more equitable education system, one volunteer at a time. Learn how you can volunteer with TAF and find an opportunity today!

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