With Reading You Can Go Places!

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I have had the pleasure to cross paths with many unsung heroes that have promoted reading as the key to opening many doors to success. One hero that I would like to point out today is retired elementary librarian, Madelyn Grayson. The attached quote from Dr. Seuss was Madelyn’s mantra. She would always encourage students to read everyday anything and everything to help them grow and to exercise their brain. As a parent of three, I thought it was important for my children to reach and read beyond their reading levels. As time went by I quickly learned this defeated their reading comprehension of the book and caused them to lose interest quickly. Madelyn would always say it was best to have a child find a book or a series that he would enjoy reading such as Captain Underpants, Graphic Comics, Goosebumps, and Star Wars as these fiction books were like movies in the mind. Many times I witnessed when the student returned to the library Madelyn would  guide the student into reading a nonfiction book similar to the subject matter that would further their knowledge on the world around us. She was to connect books like Star Wars to nonfiction books with space travels and adventures. This let the child develop new and useful ideas while exploring his imagination. Madelyn has played a key part in helping children unlock the doors of knowledge, allowing for the places to go becoming endless. 

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