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Help young students explore the Science of Sound!

 In #TAFLab

This coming Winter Session (starting January 9), TechStart After-School students in Seattle and White Center will transition from exploring Light, to Sound. Their main project will be recording and producing podcasts with the Audacity, but other hands-on projects along the way include building their own instruments out of cups and string, using glasses filled with water to explore pitch, and more! Our 2nd graders, meanwhile, will be studying force and motion, with common objects like marbles and rubber bands, and blogging their work with their own digital photography!
If you would like to donate any of the “wishlist” items below, please contact TechStart Program Coordinator Sarah Wilkes, at sarahw@techaccess.org. We will update this list as items are received.

Upgrading to a new digital camera this holiday season? Please consider donating your old camera to our 2nd grade class. Thank you–and happy holidays!

Classroom Supplies Wishlist for TechStart, Winter 2012

  1.  6-10 digital cameras (compact, “point-and-shoot,” 4 megapixels or higher)
  2.  7-10 easel pads (click here for example product)
  3.  12 3-fold poster boards (click here for example product)
  4.  150 5” to 7” common metal nails
  5.  10-20 marbles
  6.  6-10 1’ squares of sandpaper
  7. 1 tennis ball
  8. Headphones, adaptable to standard computer jacks (we are always looking for headphones, 15-30 per class)
  9.  600 wooden tongue-depressors
  10. 10 packs of assorted colors construction paper
  11. 1 roll of aluminum foil
  12.  #2 Pencils—12 packs of 12
  13. 70 packs of 12 colored pencils or markers (e.g., Crayola)
  14. Erasers (50-100)
  15. 300 6 oz plastic cups
  16. 15 rolls of masking tape
  17. 12 balls of twine or string

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