Countdown to Expo!

Fifty-five middle schoolers. Three hundred-fifty elementary school kids. Thirteen public school teachers. Three STEM co-teachers and five after-school instructors. Dozens of TAF volunteers. Add [...]

The Recruitment Whirlwind

It’s a familiar sight at lunchtime at any school: The recruiting table. Flyers, forms, enticing posters, a couple of chipper people wearing nametags and company t-shirts, shouting: [...]

TechStart Expo Countdown: 3 Days!!

They trained…they tested…they programmed…now they’re ready  to amaze you with racing robots, astonishing animations, and wonderous websites! This Saturday, June 9, 2012, [...]

A TechStart alum gives back

As Lynda explained a couple of weeks ago, our classroom volunteers come from all over. Jean McMillin, our TechStart teacher at Hilltop Elementary, recently told us this story about her […]

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