A TechStart alum gives back

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As Lynda explained a couple of weeks ago, our classroom volunteers come from all over. Jean McMillin, our TechStart teacher at Hilltop Elementary, recently told us this story about her new classroom volunteer, Jorge:

It’s always rewarding when a teacher knows they’ve made an impact on one of their students. I was approached in September by one of my former TechStart students during our school’s Open House. He asked if I would consider letting him volunteer in my TechStart classes this year. He told me of his plans to attend college in the future and his desire to become an architect. He said that he might be starting his community service work earlier than most kids, but he wanted to begin building a resume with hopes that his service might possibly reduce his college tuition. The amazing part of this story is that he is only in 8th grade now! My principal was also very impressed when Jorge set up an appointment with him to explain his vision and plans for making it happen. Jorge is here every day, willing to help me and all my TechStart students. I’m very proud of him.

I asked Jorge why he volunteered to come back to Ms. McMillin’s class. He explained, “I had a lot of choices [for where to do community service], but I was in TechStart, and I had a lot of fun in it, and I want to help [other kids] have a lot of fun and learn, too.”

Thanks, Jean, and a big THANK YOU to Jorge! We’re all so proud of you!

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