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Thank you, Serve With Liberty volunteers!

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After June 9th’s TechStart Expo (see more Expo pictures here!), the TechStart team faced a daunting task: taking apart all 70 competing and non-competing robots and getting our 107 Lego Mindstorms® robotics kits sorted and ready to use in the fall. We had to turn this:

….into this (see impossibly tidy picture).

To the rescue came 15 Liberty Mutual and Safeco employees who chose TAF as their June 22 “Serve With Liberty” service site. The group, most of whom had not met each other prior to this service day, immediately went to work at the problem, forming sorting and filling teams.

VID00542-300x168At the end of the day, the Serve With Liberty team had sorted almost all of the thousands of robot pieces by type, and completed 23 robotics kits. TAF Volunteer Coordinator Lynda Joko, who set up the event at the Genesee Learning Space, enthused about the volunteers, “I was really impressed with your teamwork and enthusiasm for problem-solving. Thanks to [volunteers’] work, we got 25 kits complete and ready for student use, and are well set up to quickly stack up the remaining 75+! Great work, and we cannot thank you enough!” Serve With Liberty team leader Brian Jones let us know he’s “received very positive comments from the volunteers” about the experience at TAF.

ServeWL-300x224Do you want to join Liberty Mutual and Safeco employees, and other TAF volunteers, in getting robotics kits ready for use in the fall? We’re hosting “Lego Wednesdays” at VID00543-300x168TAF’s offices throughout the summer. Contact Lynda Joko, and come count Legos!!

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